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880sMerlin are pleased to announce that we have purchased the latest revision of the industry leading Polar Impedance test system – the 9th generation of its high successful TDR and the first unit in the UK.

The CITS880S was an obvious choice for Merlin as we have previously purchased the CITS 500 & 800S2 using both for many years at our Rigid and Flex facilities. Merlin also use Polar’s impedance software tool ‘Speedstack’ and its coupon generator software ‘C-Gen PCB’.

The purchase of the 880S has given Merlin the exclusive additional options including Groundless Differential Testing (both coupon and on circuit) increasing the real-estate on the panel for product and LPE (Launch Point Extrapolation) which increases the accuracy of measured impedance and gives the ability to test much shorter trace lengths.




Merlin are confident that now we have the latest and most advanced Impedance test system and know that we will be well placed to service all our customers advanced impedance requirements for many years to come.




“The CITS880S is a great purchase for Merlin, it is very user friendly and reliable which is essential when using in a fast-paced production environment such as ours. It is also reassuring to know that the results given are accurate and repeatable, so we have confidence that the product we ship exceeds our customers expectations” – Mike Potter (Operations Director)


Matthew Beadel ( Technical Director )