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Merlin Circuit Technology operates in a wide range of markets utilising its expert technical knowledge and leading edge process capabilities to ensure each customer has a tailored quality solution to its specific market segment.

  • Aerospace

    The Merlin PCB group has been supporting PCB manufacturing in the aerospace market sector for over 20 years. A member for the ADS Group and a SC21 company we are approved to AS9100C. We offer our customers a comprehensive technical and customer service support plus the guarantee of full traceability on all our products.

  • Defence

    A member of the ADS Group and a SC21company we are approved to AS9100C. All our sites are fully experienced in the complex nature of this sector and are adapt at working with our clients in both a technical and process aspect to ensure that they have the correct solution and a quality product when they require it.

  • Industrial

    Supporting all requirements for the industry sector, from light to heavy engineering, controls, metering and Gas & Oil requirements.

  • Medical

    Within the medical sector Merlin PCBs are used in many types of medical equipment both standard hospital monitoring as well as state of the art portable remote monitoring equipment, we support both the civilian and military environments.

  • Communications

    The Merlin PCB group recognizes this sector is constantly updating both its equipment and technical requirements. Therefore we ensure that we keep developing our capability in line with market requests. Whether you need product for broadcasting, satellite or ground station equipment, our facilities can support high signal speed and high layer counts requirements on a fast or standard turn in the UK.