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Merlin Circuit Technology believes that in order to be the best, you need to invest in the right people, the right processes and the right equipment. With this in mind, in the last 2 years alone, MCT has invested in:

  • Sept 2018Schmoll LM2 NC
    Developing and extending the capacity of the drill shop to meet modern PCB designed with increasing hit counts.
  • Aug 2018 Buehler EcoMet 30 Grinder-Polisher¬†and PC-Met Tooling
    The EcoMet 30 Grinder-Polisher provides a simple, economical, robust, high performance solution delivering the versatlity of manual and semi-automatic sample preperation.
  • Jul 2018 Antares 700X X-Ray Drill
    Upgrade to existing system giving improved feedback, visual management and control.
  • Apr 2018 Schmoll 4 Wave Length MDI Imaging System
    Due to the success of the 2 Wave Length machine Merlin upgraded to the 4 wave length version for commonality with existing equipment.
  • Mar 2018 MIE – Multiline Post Etch Punch Digital Upgrade
    Upgrade to punching system with new digital optics enabling accurate output for semi-automatic punching.
  • Feb 2018 Technic Automatic Drill and Pin Machine
    Spot purchase from the Productronica show, fully automatic drill and pin machine.
  • Dec 2017 Schmoll 2 Wave Length MDI Imaging System
    Increasing Merlin’s capacity and embracing the new digital system supplied by Schmoll.
  • Dec 2017 Fischer XRF. X-ray XDAL-SDD Measurement System
    Non-Destructive measurement of coating thickness and material analysis, ENIG Hard Gold and Immersion Silver.
  • Aug 2017 XACT Predictive Scaling Software System
    Giving the ablity to predictively assign scaling values to high technology builds including hybrid, sequential and core constrcutions – also identifying scaling on current product non-destructively.
  • Due Dec 2018 Develop Etch Strip Line by UCE Due Dec 2018
    Improvements to fine line etching  and thin core handling will extend capability and capacity.

At Merlin Circuit Technology we use the best possible onsite experience and continuously strive to satisfy our customers by ensuring we use the highest cutting edge technology available within the market place.

  • Technology Roadmap MCT
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  • Abbreviated Printed Circuit Board Capability QA-04-45.3 Issue 5
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