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The team at Merlin Flex Ltd promote themselves and the company as a flexible interconnection solutions provider to the global electronics industry. Offer the full range of flex & flex/rigid products including single-sided, double sided, reverse-bared/floating lead, sculptured, flex multilayer and flex/rigid multilayer. The company also offers its own on-site ‘value added’ specialist flex assembly service allowing us to provide a total solution.

Our extensive flexible circuit experience and knowledge allows our applications and engineering team to get involved with designers at the earliest stage in the development of a product where we can offer the best economical and reliable technical support from design thru’ to supply.

Our ‘Lean’ facility allows us to provide a seamless supply from fast-turn NPI/prototypes through to full production quantities.

  • Flex and Flex/Rigid Manufacture & Assembly
  • Complete Technical Support
  • Full Applications Advice and Support
  • Design & Board Layout Support
  • Complete Flex Manufacture
  • Single-sided flex
  • Double-sided flex
  • Reverse-bared/Floating Lead
  • Sculptured flex
  • Long Flex (up to 1.2M in a single length)
  • Flex Multilayer (up to 12 layers)
  • Flex/Rigid Multilayer (up to 24 layers)
  • High speed EMC Shielding Solutions
    • Controlled Impedance
      • Fast Turn Prototyping to Full Volume
        • Manufacturing to IPC 600 Class 3
          • Specialist Flexible Circuit Assembly to IPC 610 Class 3
  • Automated SMT Placement (down to 0402)
  • Manual Soldering (all assembly operators IPC-J-Std qualified)
  • Crimp Connector Systems
  • Connector Back Potting
  • Conformal Coating
  • Post Assembly Function Test
  • X-Ray Inspection