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Merlin Flex Ltd has a continuous improvement and investment programme in place to ensure that it meets with the market demands from a technological and product capability viewpoint. Our strategy is to work closely with customers and suppliers to ensure that we have a robust and reliable manufacturing process to achieve consistently high quality. Our people are critical to this so continuous training and development is paramount to our success.

Recent investments at Merlin Flex include…

  •  Technic Automatic Drill and Pin Machine                          2019
  •  Schmoll 4 Wave Length MDI Imaging System                  2019
  •  Controlled Digital Imaging Facility                                       2019
  •  Circuit Tech Direct Metalisation Machine                          2019
  • Circuit Tech Develop-Etch-Strip Machine                          2018
  • Controlled Multilayer Lay-up Facility                                   2018
  • Yanuxnig Auto XYZ Measuring Machine                              2017
  • ASIDA Assembly X-Ray Inspection                                        2017
  •  Schmoll Laserflex  – Laser Cutting Machine                      2016

Upcoming developments will include major expansion to our premises along with continuous investments in flex/rigid multilayer manufacturing and post assembly inspection & testing.

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