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February will see the installation of Merlin Circuit Technologies latest investment.

The state of the art DRPP D2H800 Reverse pulse rectifiers, mated to custom created OSST Linux operating software will further enhance MCT’s reputation as a leading supplier of time critical product, with a guaranteed quality.

Mat Beadel Merlin’s Technical Director said “Switching from water cooled rectification to air cooled results in reduced water and power consumption, with increased rectifier efficiency, benefiting not only MCT but also the environment, in keeping with the company’s stated goals.

The £100,000 investment is another key milestone in Merlin’s technology roadmap.

Advanced features such as full rated current output, air cooling for maximum efficiency and dual synchronized outputs with independent forward and reverse current settings, work together to enable custom profiles to be created to meet the plating requirements of both current and future designs and technologies.

True square wave outputs mated to short and consistent cable lengths from all rectifiers to all plating cells means consistent and reliable plating depositions from circuit to circuit, panel to panel and batch to batch and with a variable reverse current to forward current ratio of up to 3:1, surface depositions are kept virtually identical to those in hole, depending upon design.

The increased control and consistency supports other technologies and with an ever increasing demand for high layer count, small diameter hole work and higher aspect ratios requiring type VII filled vias to IPC4761, so MCT are aligned to market expectations and needs”