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Merlin Circuit Technology believes that in order to be the best, you need to invest in the right people, the right processes and the right equipment. With this in mind, in the last 2 years alone, MCT has invested in:

  • March 2014 HITACHI XRF Coating Thickness Gauge
    Accurate nondestructive testing of surface finishes, ENIG, Hard Gold and Silver.
  • June 2014 ITC THP 35 Hole Plugging Machine
    Dedicated via filling system with vacuum assisted head which delivers a repeatable consistent process.
  • Sept 2014 MOV650-Q2 Universal Robot
    Handling system for loading of thin cores down to 0.05mm to inner layer lamination , removes manual handling from the loading process.
  • Dec 2014 PAL OSST Pattern Plate Control System V5.32
    Upgrade to existing system giving improved feedback, visual management and control of the plating line.
  • Dec 2014 EAS Effluent treatment system
    Enables Merlin to manage our waste stream effectively within environmental limits.
  • Dec 2014 Oxford system CUCL Controller (Inner Layer etch)
    Improved control of the dosing system reducing emissions and delivering tighter etch features.
  • Apr 2015 ECOSPRAY Solder Mask Spray
    This system gives improved encapsulation of etched features and the ability to set up for different colours with little down times.
  • May 2015 Schmoll LIN 2-125 Routing Machine
    Improved control system specifically giving high accuracy Z axis machining for three dimensional structures.
  • Jan 2016 Dual Output Reverse Pulse Rectifier for Pattern Plate
    With modern circuits requiring tighter features the new rectifiers deliver greater control over a wider process range.

Furthermore the plan is to increase the manufacturing capabilities in 2016 to include:

  • Increased LDI Capacity
  • Pin-less Registration
  • Next generation in Laser Drilling technology

At Merlin Circuit Technology we use the best possible onsite experience and continuously strive to satisfy our customers by ensuring we use the highest cutting edge technology available within the market place.

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